About Us


Super Panda Asia is registered as a charitable institution (91/10630) under Societies Ordinance on 18th October, 2011. Members include kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers and principals, lawyers, chefs, and university students.

Since its inception in 2011, with determination, we have endeavoured to promote the concept of “Love food. Don’t Waste!” and educate the general public in Hong Kong on how to reduce food waste and protect the environment.

Our Objects

Promotion of health by promoting the concept of a good eating habit for the benefit of Hong Kong community and to promote environmental protection in the Hong Kong community by encouraging and educating people not to waste food and why food is so precious to human being, relation to the Global Food Crisis.

We Hope

Children have to train up a good eating habit and a balanced diet in early childhood development. By reducing food waste we not only relieve the pressure on landfills, but also educate Hong Kong people, especially children that food is precious and should not be easily wasted.


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