Welcome to Super Panda Asia

We are a group of enthusiastic Hong Kong citizens who would like to use our free time to contribute the society by promoting the concept of “Love food. Don’t waste.” to the general public in Hong Kong especially the children. Children must learn not to waste any food and to train up a good eating habit.

According to the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, there is three thousand three hundred tons of kitchen waste being produced in Hong Kong and it is about one-third of the solid waste, that is, every Hong Kong people produces about 470 grams of food waste daily. This situation is extremely serious; part of the kitchen waste can be avoided, as long as we do not waste any food in our meal, we believe that food waste will be greatly reduced. To reduce food waste, crisis and pressure on running out of landfill space could be relieved and at the same time, we can pass a good message to Hong Kong people, especially children to know that food is precious and should not be easily wasted.

I pledge to value food, you can do it too. Please support Super Panda Asia


Our Services

bullet To set up a Food Waste Prevention Resources Center and organize “Love food Don’t Waste!” (Liberal Studies class for children)


Our Objects

Promotion of health by promoting the concept of a good eating habit for the benefit of Hong Kong community and to promote environmental protection in the Hong Kong community by encouraging and educating people not to waste food and why food is so precious to human being, relation to the Global Food Crisis.



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